Cannabis Business Tax Services

Cannabis Business Tax Services

We Keep Your

Cannabusiness 100% Tax


Do you want to partner with a trusted cannabis business tax

professional who knows the industry inside and out?

Schedule a FREE tax consultation today!

Don’t let the fear of cannabis regulations stop you from

growing your business .

As a Cannapreneur, are you worried about…

  • Being targeted for a cannabis tax audit by the IRS?

  • Losing profits, paying penalties, or even losing your license due to an innocent mistake?

  • Having to close down your business because you can't keep up with regulatory changes?

  • Massively losing out on profits due to IRS Code 280E?

Your Fears are Valid

But here’s the good news.

Investing in a specialized tax service is the BEST way to reduce mistakes, save money, and keep your business compliant with the most up-to-date tax law!

We do taxes for all cannabis-related

businesses including:








A cannabis business tax professional in your corner keeps your business 100% tax compliant – without any extra work for you!

We have worked with dozens of cannabis business owners like you who…

>> Have Learned to Relax and Enjoy Running a Cannabis Business

>> Sleep Well Knowing Your Business is Federally Compliant

>> Spend less time on paperwork and more time having fun with your family.

>> Earn Bigger Profits With Less Stress

>> Pay What You Owe In Taxes - And NO MORE

Why Our Customers Loves Us?

Why hire a specialized cannabis business tax pro ?

The IRS will employ almost 90,000 auditors by 2031. Many will likely be trained to target cannabis-related businesses.

When a simple miscalculation could cost you everything, you need a tax pro who knows cannabis tax laws inside and out.

Hire Dope Tax Pros to:

  • Minimize the risk to your business and livelihood.

  • Help you understand local, state, and federal tax laws.

  • Keep pristine tax records at all times.

  • Ensure your business processes are compliant with current tax regulations.

Trusted Tax Advice for a Constantly Changing Industry


We’re the tax firm of the future. Our office is 100% online.

We stay up-to-date on marijuana tax laws in all 50 states. And we specialize in serving cannabis businesses

in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

You aren’t just a number to us. We value learning about who you are and where your business journey is taking you.

Don’t Risk DIY Compliance

Hiring a Tax Pro Without Cannabis Expertise Puts Your Business At Risk

Not all tax professionals are familiar with IRS Code 280E. Mistakes on your

cannabis taxes could mean owing up to thousands of dollars in back taxes and fees.

Build a Thriving & Secure Cannabusiness With Expert Guidance.